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Stay at Home Mom? I am NEVER home!

It is You. July 10, 2011

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For everyone of us, Stay at Home Moms, there is someone who pays the bills.  In my life, it is my best friend, who I happen to be married to.

It is you: who allows me to drop my kids off and pick them up from school and hang out with the baby.

It is you: who found a house big enough for all of us and paid for it.

It is you: who cooks every meal.

It is you: who lets me follow my dream of being on TV and didn’t think the idea was crazy!

It is you: who has always loved my first son and who has taken care of him as your own.

It is you: who allows me to be obsessive about things.

It is you: who listens to me talk, even when you really want to just watch TV

It is you – forever.


6 Responses to “It is You.”

  1. lindsay Says:

    thank you baby, you have know ideal how good that makes me feel. thank you,I love you.

  2. misty Says:

    Beautifully written, Mikita! You are a lucky woman!

  3. Rachel Denton Says:

    So Sweet.

  4. ctwitty98 Says:

    Aww love this! Shouts out to my hubby too! Got to love them!!



  5. Alia Says:

    I’m getting there! Thanks for a new standard, & for inspiration of what LOVE can look like!


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