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21 Days, 21 Tips! July 26, 2011

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Did you know, researchers say it takes 21 days to start a new routine or start a good habit or break a bad habit.  For us, school starts on August 15th.  Here are my 21 to dos for the 21 days that are left of summer break!

1. Print school supply list

2. Practice making lunch

3. Pick out clothes that are appropriate for school (as we know what can pass at the pool, can not pass in class)!

4. Labels supplies (I love Loveable Labels, find them at http://www.loveablelabels.ca)

5. Establish a bedtime

6. Decide what are the after school rules (Can friends come over when you are not there? Can video games be played? )

7. Buy after school snacks

8. Schedule hair cut

9. Get copies of shot record and physical

10. Check school website (make sure you know about any special pre-school events)

11. Pay fees, add money to lunch card

12. Set system for papers that will be flying in (future post coming on how to)

13. Practice letters or math with flashcards

14. Keep some supplies at home for homework

15. Buy a first day gift (Bug ‘Em from Hallmark)

16. Purchase something from teacher wish list

17. Do a trial run

18. Plan easy, do it yourself breakfast

19. Program a friends cell, in case your are running late

20. Make sure kiddos have phone numbers and address memorized

21. Make sure school nurse has medications and a release to dispense them to your child


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