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Baby Blanket Memory Board September 14, 2011

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I tend to get a bad wrap, just because I’m organized, people think I throw everything away. That is so not true! I do believe if it is important, than you should show it off. You can’t convince me that it is your most precious memory if it is sitting in a tub in the basement! As I am starting to clean out my baby boys closet, who is now 16 months and not really a baby, I see all of his baby blankets stacked in the closet. Most of them will be donated, but the one that I brought him home in, I want to keep and not just throw in a box. I made a memory board with his blanket.
Let me tell you, I am crafty, but I do not sew. If it can’t be done with hot glue and staples, I won’t do it!
I used piece of cardboard (small), batting (you know the fluffy stuff that people who sew use to make pillows and blankets), his baby blanket, staples, hot glue and ribbon. 1. Cut cardboard to desired size/shape. 2. Hot glue batting on cardboard. 3. Wrap blanket around cardboard and staple tight. 4. Wrap ribbon around blanketed cardboard in a diamond pattern and staple on backside. 5. Insert memories.
It really is that easy! Check out the photos of each step and the finished product.


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