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Mom, I’m So Bored! November 24, 2011

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My children, my 6 year old daughter specifically, has hundreds of dollars of toys, dolls, video games and 2 brothers to play with.  Somehow, she is always bored on school breaks. So, I made a “Mom, I’m So Bored” box.  You can use whatever containers you have around the house, I used plastic shoe boxes.  1 for the activity index cards and 1 for the items. Some of the activities are fun and some of them are work.  I update/add cards to items I have on hand, so you should tailor your box to your children and house.  For example, I always have a random craft left over from girl scouts or bday parties or something I found on clearance at the craft store, so I add cards based on those things.  Once an activity card is chosen, it gets put up until all cards have been completed.

Hopefully this will help you (and me) have a happy, non-bored school break!

What’s on the Cards and In the Box:

* Finger paint (you can find a home-made recipe on-line)  * Load/unload dish washer  * Stuffed animal tea party  * Make a Christmas/bday list * Write a letter to a teacher or relative   * Wipe down light switches and door knobs with a baby wipe * Craft  * Go to the Library * 15 minutes on the computer/tablet * Puzzle  * Practice writing your name( in cursive if old enough)  * Call Grand Parents or other close relative   *See how many shapes you can make with pipe cleaners  * Sort sock drawer  *Empty trash cans  * See how many times you can bounce a ball in 2 minutes  * Start a rubber band/foil ball  * Write a Post-it Note Book (post-its in the box with a “special” pen) * Play Outside (no matter the weather)  * Sweep/vacuum Your Room  * * Make a Puppet (in 2 box, paper lunch bag, markers, fabric scraps…etc) * Blow Bubbles


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