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12 Days of Christmas in Reverse! December 9, 2011

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While driving around with the hubby, Christmas shopping, we decided to do 12 days of Christmas with the kids.  Each of them would get a small little, inexpensive something for the 12 days leading to Christmas.

When we got home, I just happened to glance at our “thankful board”, the poster that we’ve been writing what we are thankful for.  I had a great idea, to still do the 12 days of Christmas, but in reverse!  Instead of our children getting something for 12 days, they will instead give.  I have always cleaned out and donated toys and clothes before Christmas, but the kids were never really involved.  It is my hope that they will give and learn to be grateful for their Christmas gifts.

I asked them what they wanted to give and starting December 13th, this is what they will do for the 12days of Christmas.

1. Time: Volunteer at a retirement community to do an activity with the residents.

2. Donating clothes to the school clothing drive.

3. Collecting food to take to Harvesters.

4. Baking cookies for the teacher cookie exchange.

5. Spending allowance on a new toy for Toys for Tots.

6. Write a letter to someone serving our Country.

7. Serve food at a shelter.

8.  Walking the dogs at the animal shelter.

9. Make bird feeders for the birds that are still around.

10. Make Christmas cards for the neighbors.

11. Shovel (if it snows) or clean off the driveway.

12.  Make a build a bear and donate it to a child that has to spend Christmas in the hospital.

What will you do for 12 days?


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