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MyGirl, Full of Anxiety January 10, 2012

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My sweet and dramatic 6 year old girl is full of anxiety.  About what? Everything! She worries about school, about me and her Dad, about her brothers, about going here and there.  There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason, she is just anxious.  Since pre school, I’ve been hoping that she would grow out of it and so far, she has not.

We have been trying to go by what the experts are telling us, she has had blood test to make sure all was internally okay, she has had intense behavior therapy, she’s had regular once a week therapy and nothing has worked.  Our last visit with the therapist ended with her saying, the next step is medication.  In the next breath, she said that most medications for anxiety have not been tested on 6year olds!  So, with that being said, I feel like it is up to me to help her.

I am now on a mission to find natural ways to handle anxiety.  There may be a chance that I will not find anything and medication will be the option.  I am not against medications, I just want to try other options before I put her anything with such drastic side effects.
So, here we go! Wish me luck and feel free to send me suggestions 🙂

What I know so far, she needs lots of sleep!!!!!  She needs a set schedule and really likes to know what is coming next (don’t we all)! She is really creative, so I’m on the search for an art class.

It is still my hope that she out grows it as I am constantly reminded by my Mother that I cried until second grade and did n sleep in my own bed until I was 8!


5 Responses to “MyGirl, Full of Anxiety”

  1. Jacquie Says:

    It’s one of those things – some of us are planners and some of us can fly-by-the-seat of our pants with things. I’m like your daughter (and was as a kid) – my parents told me I was a worry-wart, but you grow out of some of it as you grow older.

    You’re on the right track – try to let her know what’s happening each day and see if you can get a schedule for her (one that she has some control over). Other ideas would be making sure to get daily exercise outside in fresh air (it helps counteract the anxious feelings), see if there’s calming snacks she might like (less sugar, warm milk/tea), and maybe yoga (they have some great kid yoga videos at the libraries).

    I agree with you – avoiding meds right now would be a good thing if you can. And if she’s on the creative side, maybe a journal that she can draw in to help her release any anxious feelings – getting her to talk about things that worry her may help to decrease the concern she has over them.

    Ah, all those things that were never in the parenting handout we got 🙂 Best of luck as you support her!

    • Thank you, that helps me to know I’m on the right track. I have long considered the effect of processed foods, so I’m trying to eliminate those where I can. I think I’m going to get some art canvas and let her create. A journal is a wonderful idea headed to get one now 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    My son has had lots of different issues one of which is falling asleep due to some anxiety. I like the natural approach as well and have switched to mostly organic foods. Here are some different natural resources for you that we have tried (I’m not sure if they all apply to anxiety):

    Dr. Laura Bratt – midwestneurofeedback.com – neurofeedback
    Dr. Michael Brown – kcwellnessdimensions.com – naturopathic functional medicine doctor for vitamins/supplements and food allergy testing
    Dr. Kevin Smith – Children’s Mercy South Sleep Clinic – sleep psychologist
    Jordan Bratt – iperforminkc.com – interactive metronome
    Dr. Bruce Pfuetze – wellness.com – identified milk allergy which dramatically improved behavior

    I worried a lot as a kid too. My parents said my older sister would have to go get me in the office at school many days because I was in there crying about stuff! In fourth grade I made a good friend and that made all the difference in the world! Try to make sure your daughter has good friends to spend time with and shares the same interests. Maybe her and a friend could do the art class together!

    Good luck! I applaud your efforts at researching alternatives to medication.

  3. terry Says:

    J use to work with children that have special needs and what worked for the majority us that they had a schedule that the carried with the all the time. Since she is always worried about what ux next I say the two of you make a schedule god her. Let her use het creativity to create a schedule and then every morning or night set the schedule. Use stickers, pictures words whatever that will help her get through her days. You could get her a planner they she bookcase schedule her days and nights. As far as helping her calm without medications try some soothing teas. And also look at what your doing, if you are doing as well. You could be causing some of her anxiety.

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