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DIY Valentine Cards <3 February 11, 2012

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As we stood in the store for 15 minutes, while she (the 1st grader) looked at the hundreds of Valentine’s cards and candies and her brother (the almost 2 year old) knocked everything off the self…she couldn’t decide what to take to her class.  Just like so many Moms before me, I grabbed the little boy, told the girl we were leaving and appologized to the poor CVS cashier who now had to pick up everything, we left the store!!!

I left out of frustration, but on the way home I thought about why I didn’t want to spend $3.99 for a box of Valentine cards that will be thrown away.  I decided, we would make our own and buy a bag of suckers (because most kids just want the candy) and attach our homemade cards.

We played around with a stamp pad, she made hearts with her finger prints, we made “be mine bee’s” with her thumb and they were all cute, but looked really home made…well cheap!

Guess what? My girl is just as pretty as any Disney princess, so we snapped a pic and I discovered an app that you can add word bubbles and draw on your photos!! (www.picsay.com)  We created a custume (not cheap looking) Valentine card for her school friends, I found a great coupon to make digital prints for $.15 cents at the same CVS we previously destroyed!!!

School Valentines – DONE!


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