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50 Reasons Why. February 19, 2012

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My hubby is 50!!!!! He refuses to let me throw him a big party, doesn’t want to go anywhere fancy, just wants to watch movies and stay home. I am not going to fight the issue, to each his own! Since there will be no party, here are 50 reasons why I love him.
This blog is just for him, feel free to read it too 🙂
1. I can’t imagine not spending my life without you
2. You are a wonderful Father
3. You would rather be home with us, than anywhere else
4. You don’t play video games!
5. You cook almost every meal
6. You love me not matter how fat, thin or pregnant I’ve been
7. You support (and finance) my every whim, dream and idea
8. You never made me take my kids to daycare
9. You love my huge, loud, always around, family
10. You change diapers
11. You clean the floors 🙂
12. You load all my segment stuff into the car the night before, so I don’t have to do it
13. You taxi the kids when you can
14. You have put up with me for 9 years
15. You wash clothes (not that you fold or put them away, but at least they’re clean)!
16. You don’t like chocolate, but you make me fudge
17. You take care if our daughters zoo
18. You let me have a giant calendar on the wall
19. You didn’t even blink when I cut all my hair off
20. You just payed for my ticket, no lecture about speeding
21. You listen to Lil Wayne with our son
22. You buy me a new phone, every time I break one
23. You take Lauryn to the school carnival and let her have cotton candy as big as her head!
24. You get up with me whenever the kids are sick at night
25. You put gas in my car because I hate to stop
26. You clean the floors( I know I’ve said it twice, but it bears repeating, since I don’t do floors)!
27. You make me laugh
28. You think I’m funny
29. You carry our daughter to bed
30. When I want to move, you pack
31. You are happy to stand beside me and hold the spotlight
32. You have always had a job
33. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel loved
34. Whatever I put on, you say it looks good
35. If I want tea, you run to QT
36. You never take off your wedding ring
37. You hate my stretchy pants, but you refrain from throwing them in the trash
38. You take out the trash without me asking
39. You find the hamsters when they magically escape
40. You make “real” breakfast so the kids eat more than cereal
41. You clean my gross car
42. You haul my holiday decor back and forth to the storage room
43. You are the tooth fairy
44. You are the Easter bunny
45. You dressed up as the Easter bunny for one of my many events
46. You are Santa
47. You are my Cupid
48. You swept me off my feet 9 years ago
49. You let me organize your stuff
50. You love me and that is a choice you made and a choice you’ve stuck with.

Happy 50th birthday! Love you forever.


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