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Halloween Costumes – for CHEAP! (or free)!! October 22, 2012

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If you are like me, you hate spending money on something that they are only going to wear once and that’s so thin, it usually doesn’t last through the night.

Here’s some ideas:

1. Shop your closet.  Sports uniforms, karate outfits and leotards are perfect costumes.  Take a football jersey, add some black under the eyes and you have an instant NFL player.  Take a leotard, sparkles on the eyes and a toy medal and you have a little Gabby Douglas!

2. You can probably make it for less than you can buy it.  I bought a pirate kit at Dollar Tree, it had a hat, eye patch and scarf all for $1 (total).  I cut a pair of shorts in a jagged pattern, added a striped shirt and some rain boots and I have my own Jake and the Neverland Pirate.My $1 Pirate

3. Take a little black dress from your closet, add an inexpensive witch hat (you can even decorate it with your little one), green finger nail polish and you have a witch.

4. Swap! I am sure your neighbors have an Iron Man, Hulk, Princess or Fairy costume in their toy box.  If not, post it on Facebook and I’m sure someone will come to your rescue and you can borrow that costume for free!

5. Who says you must have the whole 1 piece, supper thin costume.  Grab the supper hero mask, add a solid black sweat suit for Batman or green for Hulk and your supper hero will stay warm.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas of inexpensive costume ideas.  The more you save on costumes, the more candy you can buy!!!!


2 Responses to “Halloween Costumes – for CHEAP! (or free)!!”

  1. Jaime O Says:

    Just saw you on the news. Great ideas! Is there a link or more info on the cute lil peacock?

    • I didn’t make the peacock, her Mom did, but I can tell you how. It is a mask (like the kind for mardi gras), she took out the original string, and put in a longer elastic, so it would go around the belly. Hot glued peacock feather (from Hobby Lobby, about $1 a piece) and that way in can go over the cute ropper that she already had or over a sweatsuit if it’s cold on Halloween. Hope that helps!

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