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Spoooky Glow in Dark Eye Balls! October 27, 2012

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Glow in the dark eyeballs to light the way to your door for trick or  Easy, cheap and so supper cool!

Here’s what you need: Ping pong balls (8 for a $1 at any dollar store); battery operated tea lights (I found mine at Dollar Tree 3 for $1); sharpie makers (I used black and red, but any colors will do).

Step 1: Punch hole in ping-pong ball.  It takes almost no power, they are very thin and soft, so be careful not to punch all the way through the ball.  This should be an adult job.  I used the tip of my scissors but you could easily use a pencil to poke the hole.

Step 2: Draw an eye on the ball (see pic for how I did mine).

Step 3: Place light inside eyeball

Step 4: Turn on light and place on steps

This is so fun just for your house or if you need an easy craft for a school party, this is an easy one!


2 Responses to “Spoooky Glow in Dark Eye Balls!”

  1. momdoneeasy Says:

    Did they light up the area like you thought they would?

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