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Chugginton Traintastic Adventures November 2, 2012

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Welcome guest blogger: Stephanie!  Stephanie is a Mom of two and has been married for almost 13 years. For the past 4 years, she’s been running a home daycare.

Stephanie review the iphone/ipad app for Chugginton!  Here’s what she thought and some info about your children could do with the app!

My five year old daughter and three year old daycare kids tried the Chuggington Traintastic Adventures for iPad.  There were lots of adventures to choose from!  I thought the kids were going to get bored with the app, pulling a train around a virtual track. After a while, the younger daycare kids did get a little bored with it,  but after the daycare kids left, my daughter kept going back to play. She did ask for my help at times when she couldn’t get the train to go the direction she wanted to but she still enjoyed the game.
Anytime a child goes back and asks to play the game again, is a good sign!
This is an ideal game for any kids that love trains!!! It even has some episode clips included, so it’s not just a game.  The train adventures are fun and you little engineer would love it.
Want to see it in the app store?  Follow this link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id561690207

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