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I Will….Tshirt November 13, 2012

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My wonderful friend Stephanie Tillman of www.ikros.com created a tshirt for me to support my foundation.  My foundation is Girl Shop (www.facebook.com/girlshopkc) provides new underwear and clothes for girls living in foster care.

The shirt comes from me being a Mom and having so many hopes and dreams for my kiddos.  This shirt has a place on the front and back to take a sharpie and write down all of those dreams!  Awesome, right!  Not to leave the kiddos out, I have one for them too.  They can write all of their dreams too.

If you don’t have kids, but still have hopes and dreams for the kiddos you work with…it’s still a great shirt for teachers, social workers or anyone who works with kids.  You can find it at www.mikita.storenvy.com

Share with your friends, do a group writing project with your MOPS group or for a girls night out!

I am so excited to bring it to you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I think you will!

Front of Shirt

Back of Shirt

Child Shirt




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