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This Blog Has Moved!!!!! March 2, 2014

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Thanks for visiting!!! I have moved to




Chugginton Traintastic Adventures November 2, 2012

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Welcome guest blogger: Stephanie!  Stephanie is a Mom of two and has been married for almost 13 years. For the past 4 years, she’s been running a home daycare.

Stephanie review the iphone/ipad app for Chugginton!  Here’s what she thought and some info about your children could do with the app!

My five year old daughter and three year old daycare kids tried the Chuggington Traintastic Adventures for iPad.  There were lots of adventures to choose from!  I thought the kids were going to get bored with the app, pulling a train around a virtual track. After a while, the younger daycare kids did get a little bored with it,  but after the daycare kids left, my daughter kept going back to play. She did ask for my help at times when she couldn’t get the train to go the direction she wanted to but she still enjoyed the game.
Anytime a child goes back and asks to play the game again, is a good sign!
This is an ideal game for any kids that love trains!!! It even has some episode clips included, so it’s not just a game.  The train adventures are fun and you little engineer would love it.
Want to see it in the app store?  Follow this link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id561690207

i Spy with Lola!

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Welcome Guest Blogger: Alicia!
Alicia has 5 wonderful crazy kids that keep her pretty busy and she is also a full time
pursuing my Bachelors degree in Psychology.

She reviewed I Spy with Lola, the app for iphone/ipad.  She recieved the app for free, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% hers!

Both my 3 year old and 5 year old enjoyed I Spy With Lola. The app held my 5 year olds attention  more than my 3 year olds. But with that being said, I think the game was easy for them to maneuver through. The directions were very clear and easy for both of them to understand. I especially liked the section for the parents that explained the app.
When I asked my 5 year old what she thought of the game, she said she loved it and continued to want to play it. I thought it was positive that as the girls excelled through the levels the more educational it became. One thing that I did not like about the game was that they had a lighter as one of the objects to find, and at one point the game asks what makes fire, I think borderline inappropriate. But besides that only complaint the girls and I thought the app was a wonderful educational experience that I would pay $1.99 for.

My Girl ROCKS at School!!! August 22, 2012

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You were all so nice and concerned when I blogged about “my girl – full of anxiety”, I feel like I need to do an update.  Well, she ROCKS!!!  I can’t believe what a difference a year has made.  As always with her, there is no rhyme or reason of why.  She is just fine this year.  Has not cried once!!!

Of course, at the start of the year, I sent her teacher a long email and talked to her on supply drop off day and told her all the trouble my girl would have.  We talked about solutions and options of what to do, including pulling her out and home schooling her.  I am now sure her teacher thinks I’m a complete nut!  She hasn’t had any issues and all of my long speech to her teacher was not needed.  I am so grateful! 

As a Mom, I will just say, always go with your intuition.  I decided not to put her on meds and I’m so glad I didn’t.  She didn’t need them, I’m guessing, she just needed time.  Thank you all for your prayers, kind words and well wished…she is doing AWESOME!


Are You Brave Enough to go with No Make Up? May 21, 2012

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Are You Brave Enough to go with No Make Up?

You may have already had a chance to see my youtube video of me wearing no make up.  If not, I will post a link, but I want to tell you why I did it.

Raising a girl is hard.  There is no easy, raising girls for dummies book, it is truly trial by fire! I put myself out there with no make up because I need her to know that she is beautiful.  Before she gets to middle school and girls become so mean, before high school when a boy will try to down her self esteem, I want her to know she is beautiful.  

For all of us, it is a hard thing to see picture perfect images in magazines and supper skinny, flawless faces on tv.  I went without make up, so she could see not only how I wake up, but also that anyone can put on make up and achieve a “hollywood” look.  Are you brave enough to go without make up for all the world to see?



It’s Over! April 1, 2012

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Dear My Beloved Starbucks,

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I decided that we are done!  It’s not you, it’s me.  More specifcally, it’s the whip cream and chocolate that has left a whip cream-ish muffin top on me.  I love you more than you’ll ever know, but I can no longer afford you physically or financially(Dave Ramsey will be so proud)!  

This will be hard, I will take a new route to work in order to not pass you.  I will shop at a different Target, as to not be tempted by you.  Oh, how I will miss you so.  I will come visit in November for my birthday. 

You have always been there for me, hot, steamy and sweet.  


Use What You Know-Book Review! March 13, 2012

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Use What You Know-Book Review!

Disclaimer: I was given a free download of “Use What You Know” book.  All thoughts and opinions are %100 mine! 

After reading this book, I realized that I have been using what I know for my own business and that a lot of Moms could do the same.  Joyce (aurthor) has outlined easy and smart tips to help you start your own business.  I’ve found that sometimes you just need to get started and this is an excellent resource to help you do just that. 

It is an easy and fast read, because heaven knows, there is not a lot of time for leisure reading in my life!  You can download a copy or find more info with the link above or learn more about all that Joyce is doing on her FB page http://www.facebook.com/MommyTalkShow