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Papa Murphy’s Primo Pizza ~ Primo Perfect! May 3, 2013

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Papa Murphy’s Take & Bake Pizza is now offering Primo Pizzas.  I had a chance to taste test all 3 and they are Primo Perfect!

The take & bake primo style pizza is ideal for a girls night out.  Since it is so easy to pick them up, put in the fridge and bake them when the girls come over to hang out.  The pizzas are truly comparable to restaurant gourmet type pizza that you would have in a restaurant. I paired my pizza with a bottle wine (I’m almost sure most Moms do)!


The new flavors you get to try in the primo line are:

Goat Cheese and Fennel Sausage:  Regular crust, creamy garlic sauce, goat cheese, pepperoni, fennel sausage, mushrooms, spinach, herb and cheese blend

Sun-Dried Tomato and Fennel Sausage:  Regular crust, red sauce, pepperoni, fennel sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, green onions, black olives, feta cheese

Prosciutto and Arugula deLITE:  deLITE crust, red sauce, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and arugula

They were all really good.  Tasted fresh, high quality ingredients (no pink slime meat) and made my life easier.  One of my children has a sports practice almost every night, so I just picked the pizzas up after school, put them in the fridge and baked them when we got home from practice.  Fresh and better than waiting for a delivery.

My family’s favorite was the Prosciutto & Arugula deLite!  The prosciutto was thin and the cheese was creamy and this one is on a thinner crust.  I thought for sure the kids would not like the arugula that you get to sprinkle on top, after the pizza is cooked, so I just put it on 1 half of the pizza.  Of course, I was wrong and they LOVED the arugula and only wanted the half that had arugula on it.

The Goat Cheese & Fennel Sausage was great too, but I will say, my children did not like to large chunks of sausage.  I thought they were really flavorful and all the ingredients went perfect together.  If we order the pizzas with the sausage on a regular basis, we will get the Mini-murphs pizza kits (cheese & pepperoni) for the little ones.


The Sun-dried Tomato & Fennel Sausage was my second favorite.  The sun-dried tomatoes were sweet and the feta cheese was so good, really all the ingredients tasted just like a premium pizza.  I love the fact that I can get such a high quality pizza that I can make at home, since I don’t get out much.

I will definitely get the Primo pizzas for my next girls night out and the Prosciutto & Arugula deLite will be our new go to pizza.

Side note: my husband (the chef) loved them too and rarely eats pizza!


*Disclaimer: I was given the  3 pizzas to review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine own!*



Mom, I’m So Bored! November 24, 2011

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My children, my 6 year old daughter specifically, has hundreds of dollars of toys, dolls, video games and 2 brothers to play with.  Somehow, she is always bored on school breaks. So, I made a “Mom, I’m So Bored” box.  You can use whatever containers you have around the house, I used plastic shoe boxes.  1 for the activity index cards and 1 for the items. Some of the activities are fun and some of them are work.  I update/add cards to items I have on hand, so you should tailor your box to your children and house.  For example, I always have a random craft left over from girl scouts or bday parties or something I found on clearance at the craft store, so I add cards based on those things.  Once an activity card is chosen, it gets put up until all cards have been completed.

Hopefully this will help you (and me) have a happy, non-bored school break!

What’s on the Cards and In the Box:

* Finger paint (you can find a home-made recipe on-line)  * Load/unload dish washer  * Stuffed animal tea party  * Make a Christmas/bday list * Write a letter to a teacher or relative   * Wipe down light switches and door knobs with a baby wipe * Craft  * Go to the Library * 15 minutes on the computer/tablet * Puzzle  * Practice writing your name( in cursive if old enough)  * Call Grand Parents or other close relative   *See how many shapes you can make with pipe cleaners  * Sort sock drawer  *Empty trash cans  * See how many times you can bounce a ball in 2 minutes  * Start a rubber band/foil ball  * Write a Post-it Note Book (post-its in the box with a “special” pen) * Play Outside (no matter the weather)  * Sweep/vacuum Your Room  * * Make a Puppet (in 2 box, paper lunch bag, markers, fabric scraps…etc) * Blow Bubbles